Disrupt Sports, one of our urgent clients, is shaking up the sports industry with forward thinking and disruptive technologies.

The client was on a very tight schedule. Aurora Web IT cooperated with Disrupt’s CTO and helped with the new, single-page design studio for better user experience and more convenience on designing and purchasing their highly-customised products.

Aurora Web IT re-developed Disrupt’s original product designer page based on Disrupt’s design PSD, which made it more intuitive and comfortable to use on a single page.

Meanwhile, Aurora Web IT also modified and developed based on Disrupt’s code of back-end management system to add some features, including design management, user design saving and auto-saving, etc. These powerful features enhanced the site and provided a lot more convenience for the users.

Under quite hard work, Aurora Web IT achieved each of the tasks Disrupt need, which helped the client catch on schedule and next-step development.

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